Training Camp

July 2020
Panam Sports
Training Camp

Top athletes from the American continent will
gather in Tachikawa, Tachihi!


Some of the best athletes in the world will gather in Tachikawa for a joint training camp in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.
Of the 41 Member Nations of the Panam Sports family, more than 20 are expected to be present at the Training Camp. A total of 250 athletes, trainers and officials will participate in the camp that features more than 10 different sports.

※The number of athletes or sports may change.

Welcome to
Tokyo, Tachikawa!

From downtown Tokyo to Tachikawa in less than one hour

Tachikawa is located inside Tokyo’s Metropolitan and is considered the center of Tama area. A trip from Tokyo Station to JR Tachikawa Station takes less than one hour.Some of the major places located around Tachikawa Station are: Showa Kinen Park and Tachikawa Wide Area Disaster Prevention Base Furthermore, Airport Limousine Bus runs from Tachikawa Station to Narita are available in addition to many lines, the city is very accessible to come and go.

From Tokyo station to JR Tachikawa station:

By train–JR Chuo Line Special Rapid 42minutes.

By Car (about 40 km) – Highway Route 50 minutes.

From Haneda Airport to JR Tachikawa station:

By Tokyo Monorail/JR line – approximately 70 minutes.

By Car (about 50 km) – Highway Route 60 minutes.

From Narita International Airport to JR Tachikawa station:

By train - Keisei Skyliner and JR line 95 minutes.

By car (about 106km) - Highway Route 110 minutes.

Excellent Training Facilities

Some of the training camp facilities are the following: Arena Tachikawa Tachihi and Dome Tachikawa Tachihi.
In addition, thanks to the cooperation of Tachikawa City and some of the area’s top Universities, the number of training facilities is expected to grow.
Click the link below for further information on all training facilities.

Training Camp Dates

July 10, 2020 ~ July 20, 2020(TBD)

Many cultural exchange events will be held before and during the camp.
Check the news tab and social media for more information.