Privacy Policy

Basic Principles

The Panam Sports Exchange Project Committee (hereafter known as “committee”) understands thoroughly the importance of policies when dealing with personal information. The committee never discloses nor provides an user’s personal information to any other third parties without the approval from the information owners themselves, except when stipulated by law. When dealing with personal information for business purposes, the committee acts according to laws and strive for improvement and the better, so as to meet expectations and trusts.

Collected Personal Information

Regarding the collection of any personal information, our committee shall state and clarify the purposes and persons in charge. Our committee collect, use, and provide personal information only when they are related to our clarified business purposes.

Changes or Deletion of Personal Information

Please contact the following division for changes or deletion of any provided personal information. Upon the confirmation that the application is from the original owner, we shall take actions accordingly in a swift manner.

Collection of Website Access Information

In order to meet our customers’ needs, this website always aims for improvement and the better, and thus the “cookies” technology is being used for displaying the website. Information obtained in the process does not include specific personal information such as names or telephone numbers. Besides, it does not have any negative effects on users’ devices. Users can also reject the attainment of cookies by changing their respective browser’s settings.

Legal Compliance

Our committee is obliged to follow the Personal Information Act Protection Act, other laws concerned with personal information and in the aspects stipulated by these laws.

Panam Sport Exchange Project Committee

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